Supporting business and encouraging enterprise

We want to support stable levels of economic growth and employment by creating and maintaining an attractive and vibrant business environment in the borough.


Business and Enterprise

The Royal Borough's economy is characterised by the number of small and unique businesses, with over three quarters of businesses employing fewer than five employees and only 2 per cent employing more than 50. However, we are also home to some flagship business brands and renowned commercial centres.

These pages include information on doing business in the borough and where to find help to grow and succeed.


New Schools Art Loan programme for local businesses to launch in 2015

The Art Loan programme is a new initiative of the Council’s Arts Service, building upon the success of the Art on Show project, the Royal Borough’s annual Schools Art Competition and Exhibition. 

Local businesses will be able to loan original artworks created by students in the borough, to enhance their workspaces spaces, providing a unique opportunity for businesses show their links to the community and enhance their working environment.

The artwork, presented to professional gallery standards will be available to hire for a period of up to 12 months, starting from July 2015.

This short film provides further information about the Schools Art Loan programme

For further information and to get involved, contact Jen Wood via email or call on 0207 361 4378.

Launch of Wild Blue Cohort

Wild Blue is a new network of business angels, local to Kensington and Chelsea, who invest in entrepreneurs close to home. The network invests in start-up and existing enterprises that offer growth, scale and high returns but also benefit local life. Individual members of the venture are prepared to invest up to £250k and Many are interested in syndicated arrangements. Wild Blue is a member of the UK Business Angels Association, operates as a non-profit and its start-up has been financed by the Royal Borough’s Social Innovation Fund.


Supply Cross River 2 - support for central London businesses to access local business opportunities

The Supply Cross River 2 (SXR) initiative aims to develop supply chains in central London and is a free service available to businesses in Kensington and Chelsea. The Supply Cross River programme is designed to help small and medium sized businesses to access supply chains and to help them improve their tendering skills. Read more about Supply Cross River 2.

RBKC Business Direct



The Council wants to strengthen the way it communicates with local businesses and Business Direct is our new emagazine designed to keep you informed of key local news that matters to business, including:

  • major public realm projects 
  • transport infrastructure projects
  • planning and development issues
  • regulation
  • law and order
  • education, employment and training
  • the local economy

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