Greener Business

Making even the simplest changes can benefit the environment and profitability of your business, with cost savings on utilities and reductions in waste.

Greening Business

Greening Business is a new FREE service targeted at businesses, with fewer than 250 employees, delivered by qualified green business advisers providing a number of services including:Green Money

  • a comprehensive review of your business premises, energy use and waste management; development of a bespoke action plan to identify how to save money on energy, water, transport, and consumables
  • advice on local suppliers and recycling resources
  • assistance in developing an environmental policy; crucial for winning tenders and new business
  • advice on UK and international environmental regulations and green standards including ISO14001, Carbon Trust and the energy efficiency standard (BS EN 16001) 

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is able to offer this service to your business FREE of charge due to partial funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

To register your interest or to request further information please e-mail: 





Setting up Environmental Policy / Management System

What is an Environment Policy?

An environmental policy is a written statement that outlines a business' aims and principles to managing the environmental effects and aspects of its operations. It's not compulsory to have an environmental policy but an increasing number of businesses are choosing to have one. Visit the Business Link website to find out how to write Environmental Policy

What is an Environmental Management System?

Environmental Management System (or EMS) is a tool similar to other management systems such as quality or safety management system and is used by organisations to measure and manage their significant environmental impacts.  Organisations can adopt an EMS framework specified in international, European or national standards that require compliance with a set of environmental standards and management procedures.

Environmental Legislation

Does your organisation comply with environmental law? Find out guidance on legislation that may affect your organisation at:

Council’s Support

  • Commercial Waste: the Council provides the best possible services to cater for all of your waste needs
  • Workplace Travel: the Council's transport team offers advice, guidance and access to free resources for companies wanting to make efficiency savings through Workplace Travel Plans.
  • Business continuity advice: providing advice on how you can plan to deal with any event that could stop your business from working and get you back up and at full capacity as quickly as possible.
  • Dealing with emergencies (including extreme weather conditions): Emergencies can be both natural and man made and cause significant disruption to both the community and environment.

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