The Council’s role as a regulator sees it taking responsibility for a number of areas important to the running of a business.  It is true that the Council plays its part in the enforcement of regulations but much more than that, the Council is there to provide advice and guidance, when it is sought.  The Council's health and safety, licensing, environmental health, food safety and trading standards teams offer a wealth of experience and advice on running your business in compliance with the law. Please click through the links left for more information

The Council also offers a range of statutory and non-statutory services, from training in environmental health to filming in the borough. Information on these and other services can be found under the Council Services section of the website.


Regulatory Advice

Advice on regulation is also available from a number of external sources such as those listed below:


Everything Regulation, Whenever It’s Needed

ERWIN (Everything Regulation, Whenever It’s Needed), provides Trading Standards, Environmental Health, Licensing and Fire Safety business related information across England and Wales. Guidance on all aspects of these services issues can be found here and with links to a number of relevant resources on the web. The site provides interpreted, simplified and prioritised information, which covers all major Trading Standards, Environmental Health, Licensing and Fire Safety legislation.


Health and Safety Executive

Whatever the size of your business, we have guidance to help you manage your health and safety. Browse the topics and industries lists to find specialist health and safety advice and guidance. is the government's online resource for businesses. It contains information about starting up and running a business in the UK, including help if you're self employed or a sole trader.