Markets and street trading

NABMA market of the year 2013. Best street/outdoor market.

We serve those who use the Markets of the Royal Borough and improve the quality of service. Councillors and officers are charged with ensuring that traders and members of the public in the Royal Borough have the best services Local Government can offer, at a price that is reasonable.

For further details of what the Royal Boroughs Street trading section provides, what traders and customers are entitled to expect, and what to do if you are dissatisfied with any of the street trading services see the Street Trading Charter.

Registering as a street trader

Golborne Road

We are currently accepting new registrations for trading at Golborne Road on Monday to Saturday only.

We are looking for traders selling the following items:

  • antiques (goods over fifty years old)
  • new goods (including clothing, accessories and goods not being sold by any other trader
  • second hand goods

Portobello Road

We are currently looking for traders for Portobello Road to sell:

  • antiques (goods over fifty years old) on Fridays and possibly Saturdays depending on availability
  • very unusual goods, not being sold by any other trader (subject to approval by officers at the street trading office)

Getting started

For the latest list of what commodities we will register traders to sell in Portobello and Golborne Market, you can download the street trading Getting Started Leaflet.

Please note that no cash will be accepted at the market office. We will only accept postal orders or cheques with a valid guarantee card. No third party cheques will accepted.

Markets not under the Council's control