Dealing with Extreme Weather Conditions


Flooding can occur in a number of forms, such as tidal flooding or surface water flooding. Flooding can affect many aspects of your lives and therefore the Council’s plans aim to reduce the disruption that it can cause. Find out how you can prepare and deal with flooding. Further information and advice is available on the Environment Agency's website.


The severe heatwave can be seriously damaging to the health and can sometimes be fatal. This page gives you information on who could be at risk, and advice on what to do in the case of a heatwave. Further information and advice on how to protect you and your family's health is available on the NHS Heatwave page.

Cold weather, Ice and Snow

Cold weather can cause health problems, interfere with travelling, and affect many other aspects of our life. The government's advice on how to get ready for winter provides you with simple tips to keep you and your family warm, healthy and safe through the cold weather. NHS's Keep Warm, Keep Well page also provides information on how you can keep yourself warm and healthy.

Leaks during the cold period

Thames Water customers who spot a leak or burst pipe on a street or pavement should contact their 24-hour leakline on freephone 0800 714 614. This will help them fix pipes as soon as possible and grit potentially dangerous ice patches.

High winds

High winds are the most common cause of weather-related damage in the UK, and sometimes lead to power failures. Read our advice on high winds to find out how to keep your family and property safe.

Improving your home

Interested in improving your home's energy efficiency, or increasing its resilience to extreme weather conditions? Find out more about how you can make your home, work or school greener.

Home maintenance services

In reponse to requests from residents the Council has compiled a list of registered tradespeople. We do not endorse any one service provider and recommend you to research your chosen supplier carefully: home maintenance services

Other Emergencies in the Community

Emergencies can be both natural and man made, and there are a number of other potential emergencies that can cause significant disruption to both the community and environment. Find out more about other emergencies in the Community.