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Crime figures for your neighbourhood

Please visit the Metropolitan Police website to see ward level crime statistics:

Community Payback

The Community Payback scheme is a way for people who have committed low-level crime to carry out unpaid work for the benefit of the local community. Community Payback works in conjunction with London CRC Probation and Youth Offending Team. The Council will continue to manage Community Payback in the future and is keen to get ideas from local residents on work that the offenders do.

Examples of work could include removing graffiti and fly posters, cutting back vegetation, removing chewing gum, cleaning and restoration.

If you have any suggestions of work in the borough that could be carried out under the Community Payback scheme, you can email your suggestions and where you would like the work carried out to

Neighbourhood Policing Teams

In June 2013 the Safer Neighbourhoods police teams were replaced by the Neighbourhood Policing Teams. The Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) provide neighbourhood policing in three sectors in the borough:

  • Chelsea
  • Kensington
  • North Kensington

In addition there is a dedicated police team for each local authority ward comprising of a sergeant, who is the ward manager, a dedicated police constable and a police community support  officer (PCSO).   These three officers provide the link with the community and are solely dedicated to the ward. For more information about local policing visit the Metropolitan Police website.

Council Safer Neighbourhood service

The Council Safer Neighbourhood service comprises of three Safer Neighbourhood Officers (SNO) who work closely with the Neighbourhood Policing Teams to jointly address community issues that require both police and Council attention. They also work towards making the environment cleaner, safer and more pleasant for everyone. Contact the Council Safer Neighbourhood service:

Youth Offending Team

For information about our Youth Offending Team, please contact our Youth Offending Team

Getting involved

There are many ways in which you can help improve community safety in your neighbourhood and support victims of crime. See the Get Involved page.