Waste management contract

The Council signed a new Waste Management Contract with SITA UK Ltd on 1 April 2005. We want to make sure that residents and others can see what is in the Contract.

Recycling, waste collection, street cleansing and related services:

  1. Partnership Charter [PDF] (file size 115Kb)
  2. Partnership Contract [PDF] (file size 312Kb)
  3. General Specification [PDF] (file size 107Kb)
  4. Waste Collection [PDF] (file size 150Kb)
  5. Recycling  [PDF] (file size 103Kb)
    5.1. Appendix A - Location of Mini Recycling Centres [PDF] (file size 65Kb)
    5.2. Appendix B - Location of Mixed Recycling Banks [PDF] (file size 182Kb)
  6. Waste Disposal [PDF] (file size 74Kb)
  7. Street Cleansing [PDF] (file size 190Kb)
    7.1. Appendix A - List Of Streets and Zones [PDF] (file size 409Kb)
    7.2. Appendix B – Reciprocal Cleansing Agreements [PDF] (file size 73Kb)
    7.3. Appendix C - Sweepers Boxes [PDF] (file size 64Kb)
    7.4. Appendix D - Leaf Dumps [PDF] (file size 69Kb)
    7.5. Appendix E - Mechanical Sweeping Route and Frequency [PDF] (file size 97Kb)
    7.6. Appendix F - Highway Flushing Route and Frequency [PDF] (file size 56Kb)
    7.7. Appendix G - Gully Locations [PDF] (file size 182Kb)
    7.8. Appendix H – Litter Bin Locations [PDF] (file size 50Kb)
    7.9. Appendix I - Streets for Gum Removal, Footway Degreasing, and Washing [PDF] (file size 59Kb)
    7.10. Appendix J - Private Street Sweeping and Gully Cleansing [PDF] (file size 65Kb)
  8. Waste Collection, Recycling, And Cleansing In The Market Streets  [PDF] (file size 108Kb)
    8.1. Appendix A – Street Trading  [PDF] (file size 69Kb)
    8.2. Appendix B - Schedule Of Isolated Street Trading Pitches [PDF] (file size 86Kb)
  9. Public Conveniences [PDF] (file size 83Kb)
    9.1. Appendix A - Public Conveniences [PDF] (file size 53Kb)
    9.2. Appendix B - Bye-Laws [PDF] (file size 69Kb)
  10. Winter Emergencies [PDF] (file size 117Kb)
    10.1. Appendix A - Salting Of Roads Priority List [PDF] (file size 176Kb)
    10.2. Appendix B - “Vulnerable” Locations Requiring Priority Treatment [PDF] (file size 98Kb)
    10.3. Appendix C - Salt Bin Locations [PDF] (file size 71Kb)
  11. Stand-By [PDF] (file size 76Kb)
  12. Notting Hill Carnival [PDF] (file size 99Kb)
  13. Special Events [PDF] (file size 74Kb)
    13.1 Appendix A - Schedule Of Special Events [PDF] (file size 78Kb)
  14. Building Maintenance [PDF] (file size 96Kb)
    14.1. Appendix A - Statutory Records [PDF] (file size 59Kb)