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Warning – some residents have received calls and emails from a person purporting to work for the Council Tax department at RBKC and claiming the resident has overpaid their Council Tax. In the event you receive such a call, you can establish whether the caller is genuine or not by calling us on 020 7361 3424.

Who Pays Council Tax

Council Tax is payable by home owners or occupiers. The money raised pays for approximately 12 per cent of the cost of Council services.

There is only one bill for each dwelling. The charge for each property is based upon its 'band' value. There are eight valuation bands (A - H) and the band which applies to your home is shown on your bill.

Council Tax Setting for 2014/15

As the local Council, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea provides schools, social services, youth services and libraries, waste collection and street cleaning, leisure services, parks, parking and many other local services. Most of the council tax we collect from you is to pay for services - please see ‘What we spend’ on page 18 in the Council Tax and Business Rates Information Booklet 2014-15.

We also collect money on behalf of the Greater London Authority (GLA). This year the GLA is charging £299.00 for each Band D property. The GLA’s explanation of its spending and tax can be found on pages 25 to 29 in the Council Tax and Business Rates Information Booklet 2014-15.

Council Tax Setting 2014/15

*RBKC Council Tax 

GLA Tax Total Council Tax
A £511.86 £199.33 £711.19
B £597.17 £232.56 £829.73
C £682.48 £265.78 £948.26
D £767.79 £299.00 £1,066.79
E £938.41 £365.44 £1,303.85
F £1,109.03 £431.89 £1,540.92
G £1,279.65 £498.33 £1,777.98
H £1,535.58 £598.00 £2,133.58
     * Excluding garden square levies. To see these go to page 3 in the Council Tax and Business Rates Information Booklet 2014-15.

Council Tax Online Forms

Weightless Document Format (WDF) - a file type which allows you to complete the form without downloading any special software. Have you saved a form? Click here to complete a previously saved form.

Empty Homes Property Review

In support of the Governments initiative to tackle the shortfall in national housing, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are currently undertaking a review of empty Council Tax properties. Please follow the link below to update the property records for your address.

Click here to access the Empty Homes Property Review Form 

The £100 Dividend Efficiency

Since 2010 the Royal Borough has committed to a programme of savings,  responding to reductions in grant from central Government entailed by the need to reduce the deficit in the public finances. Reductions in cost have exceeded the targets for savings targets for 2013-14, thereby producing a surplus. The Council has decided to return some of this money to Council Tax payers in the form of a one-off £100 efficiency dividend.

Click here to read the Eligibility Criteria

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Useful Council Tax Information


Council Tax and Business Rates booklet 2014/15

CTax Info Booklet 2014/15

Download the new Council Tax and Business Rates booklet for 2014-15 outlining the Council's performance and spending plans as well as information regarding your council tax and business rates [PDF] (file size 342Kb)