The Cabinet

The Council has adopted a Leader and Cabinet system which makes all the key decisions. It operates along similar lines to central Government. Members of both political parties - Conservative and Labour - have agreed that a single-party cabinet is the most effective way of governing the Royal Borough.

The Cabinet is the main focus for policy-making and decision-taking in the Royal Borough. It is made up of the Leader and nine other senior majority party (Conservative) Councillors. The Leader is elected every year at a meeting of the full Council and appoints his or her own Cabinet. Each Cabinet Member is responsible for a particular area of Council policy, known as a ‘portfolio’.

The Cabinet normally meets every four weeks to discuss key policy matters and take the most important decisions together, but individual Cabinet Members can take decisions at any time. The Cabinet must get approval from the full Council if it wants to take a decision that deviates from Royal Borough's agreed budget and major plans.

Some Cabinet Members are supported work by one or two other councillors, who are known as ‘Lead Members’. Lead members are not decision-takers, but they help to provide day-to-day leadership and expertise in specific areas and work closely with officers and their Cabinet Member.

The Cabinet is the focus of forming partnerships with the community and for the Council's role in 'leading the community', picking up issues that affect local people and putting them right at the top of the agenda - nationally, if appropriate.