Key decision tracking and the Forward Plan

Key decisions are those executive-side matters not already delegated to officers which:

  • involve income or expenditure of £100,000 or more; and/or
  • are likely to have a significant impact on the community in one or more electoral wards

You will be able to see what Key Decisions are coming up because they will be published in the Forward Plan. This is a comprehensive document which gives a month-by-month breakdown of the business the Council is due to tackle.

The Forward Plan tells you who will be deciding what, when and how, as well as providing details of who will be consulted. It can be viewed below. Paper copies are also available at the borough’s main libraries, Kensington, Chelsea, Brompton, North Kensington and Kensal.

Items will be put on the plan well in advance; it will be updated monthly and include Key Decisions planned for the next four months. Decisions will be published as they are taken.

Each item will show the name of the decision-maker, along with other information, including the date the decision it is expected to be taken and any planned public consultation.

Agendas for all meetings are published at least three days in advance. Copies are available from Kensington Town Hall and Kensington Central Library.

Meetings are advertised in advance on some poster sites and in Royal Borough, the free Council newspaper delivered six times a year to all homes and businesses in the Borough.