Transparency and openness in our work

As a public service organisation we are committed to transparency in all our dealings. The information on this page is available throughout the website in the relevant sections, however we have collected a set of links which you may find helpful to have in one place.

This page was last updated on 13 January 2015

Suppliers and contracts


Our contracts

The Contracts Register contains most of our contracted relationships with suppliers above £20,000. 


Ward spend

Council assets

Salaries, expenses and allowances

The following document sets out the Council’s Pay Policy as agreed in March 2013. The document also includes an extract of a report to Council setting out the context and requirements of a pay policy. The policy will be kept under review and updated as necessary.

Read our Pay Policy statement [PDF] (file size 49.7Kb)


Equalities data, information and objectives

Data by topic

  • Customer services - contains a range of data and information in response to customer exit surveys
  • Education - schools data relating to attendance and performance
  • Health and social care - contains a range of data relating to survey feedback and access to services
  • Housing - narrative and charts covering equalities profile of access to housing services
  • Workforce - data on the equalities profile of Council staff

Transparency policy

The Council’s approach to transparency and expectations for our services around transparency is set out below:


Residents' surveys

Our consultation database contains results from surveys of residents, in the borough and across London. Visit Vital Messages and search for "annual survey of Londoners" for a wealth of material.

Census 2011

See the findings from the last census in 2011 - reports by ward.

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Data use

Please note: You are free to use and re-use the data which appears on this page freely and flexibly, subject to the terms of the Open Government License. If re-using this data, please cite the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea as the information provider.