Secondary School Transfer Advice

Choice Advice Service

Choice Advice is a service that gives independent, impartial and free advice to parents and carers looking to find the right secondary school for their child.

A Choice Adviser can:

  • help you to understand how the school admissions process works
  • help you to make realistic and informed decisions
  • complete paper-based and online application forms
  • give you information on individual schools’ charging policies and details of schemes to help with the cost of school trips and activities
  • give information on schools and academies in neighbouring authorities
  • find the school that most suits your needs, such as travel distances, special educational needs for your child
  • provide impartial information on other secondary schools, such as facilities, performance, number of pupils
  • advise on how pupils will be allocated places if there are too many applications for one school
  • assist new families that have settled in the authority to find a school
  • direct you to other services such as translation, interpreters, parent and carer support services

Parents and carers must identify preferences for the schools they want to apply for. Choice Advisers will help by providing key information with your child’s educational needs and interests in mind. However, Choice Advisers will not make decisions for you, or recommend a school, and seeing a Choice Adviser will not guarantee your child a place at any particular school.

Contact information

The Choice Advice Service is part of the Family Information Service (FIS). Advice sessions are by appointment only. You can contact the FIS Choice Adviser to make an appointment any time Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm on tel: 0207 361 4319.

Please note that we do not have any influence on what secondary school your child will attend.