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Environment and transport

We want to support the ambitions of our residents to improve their lives and communities. We carry out a range of services which ensure our borough is a cleaner, safer, healthier and more attractive place in which to live and work.


What do we do?

Air Quality

How does the monitoring and management of air quality affect you as a resident, a service provider and a contractor working in the borough? Visit the Air Quality pages to find out more.

Cleaner Borough

Find out more about the Council's street cleaninggraffiti and animal warden service. Please contact the Council if you have a fault to report.

Greener Borough

Find out how you can save your money and resources at Greener Living, Greener Business and Greener Schools page. Also read about how to deal with extreme weather events, such as flooding.

Ecology, Parks and Gardens

Our Park Service and Ecology Service are working to raise awareness and understanding of local biodiversity and to protect the local environment. If you are interested in kitchen gardens and other initiatives to clean up and improve neglected places in the borough, visit Royal Borough Environment Project

Environmental Health

The environmental health of our citizens is extremely important to us. If you have concerns about noise and nuisance or need to access pest control services, please get in touch. There is also advice available for builders to reduce impacts on neighbours.

For Business

Are you a local business? The licensing pages contain all the information you require to ensure you are properly regulated. You may also be interested in our Public Health Training courses, commercial waste and recycling service and advice on how to make your business greener.


Find out everything you need to park in the borough as a resident or visitor, pay a fine or request a suspension: Parking.

Transport and streets

Find out how we manage traffic and maintain the highway. View our road safety figures and see what we are doing to improve them. Get information about cycling and public transport as well as details of our streetscape projects such as Exhibition Road. See transport and streets.

Page last updated: 22/05/2014