Building work in RBKC 

Redevelopment in a densely packed place like the Royal Borough has the potential to cause disturbance.  We've put together some advice for developers, builders and residents to help minimise the impact of construction work.


Advice for builders and residents

Our advice is presented to help developers and builders minimise disturbance and nuisance, and sets out what residents can reasonably expect. It covers a wide range of topics, with links to key pieces of legislation and best practice guidance. 

These pages will also describe for residents the Council’s powers to control building work and protect against the worst excesses, and provide suggestions as to how residents should proceed if they are experiencing a problem. Please note that the Council’s legal powers and resources are limited and it cannot be expected to solve every problem. The information should enable residents to negotiate their own agreements with contractors that may not be possible for council officers to achieve by statutory means.  Read more about local authorities and planning legislation.

Advice topics



Page last updated: 19/10/2014