Domestic waste collections

Help us to help you:
  • remembering your collection days
  • packaging your waste securely in a strong plastic bag or dustbin
  • marking your dustbins and loose lids with your house or flat numbers
  • flattening cardboard boxes
  • ensuring your waste is available for collection by 7am


Collections take place twice a week, and as normal on most bank holidays (road signs and local advertising will highlight any special arrangements).

If your property has a refuse storage area then you should use it; otherwise please leave your rubbish and recycling on the pavement, as near the kerb as possible and without causing obstruction, before 7am on your day of collection (not the night before).

Carefully wrap glass or other items that could cause injury, and label if appropriate.


Types of waste and bulky items

Please note: It is an offence to put your domestic waste out other than on the scheduled days of collection. Officers will investigate such offences and sticker bags with a clear message for the perpetrators. The bags will then remain on the street until the next collection day.

If your recycling and rubbish hasn't been collected by 3pm please contact us and we will arrange for it to be collected within 24 hours. If you want to make a complaint, complete the fault reporting form.


Let's be clear about recyclingRecycling

Recycling bags are now clear in a bid to tackle bad recycling and reduce contamination costs.

Clear recycling bags are delivered every three months to all residents receiving collections from a private storage area or the kerbside.

Also see the Clear Bag Recycling page to see what you can and can't recycle.

Estate and mansion block residents

If you are a resident or tenant of a Council housing estate or mansion block your rubbish will probably be stored in bulk containers (paladins or continental bins). These are collected twice a week.

  • Do not put large objects down the chute which could block it.
  • Do not put toxic or inflammable liquids down the chute.
  • Always wrap rubbish, especially food and vegetable matter.
  • Do not block the rubbish storage area with bulky or extra refuse.
  • Do not put your car in front of the rubbish storage area doors or opening, or obstruct the bin in any way.


Householders and landlords are responsible for providing their own dustbins and rubbish sacks. Dustbins manufactured to British Standards specification with properly fitting lids are ideal for rubbish storage. Heavy lids prevent animals getting at edible waste and overturning your bin.

Please note: The domestic refuse service in the borough is based upon bag collections. Residents are advised against purchasing wheelie bin receptacles as the collection vehicles are not designed to lift or empty these type of bins and we cannot allow collectors to manually empty these bins as this would constitute as a Health & Safety risk.

Rats and collections

Under Health and Safety legislation, if evidence of rats or mice is spotted in the storage area they are not to remove the waste until the area has been treated. This is the owners' responsibility. Rats and mice carry diseases which threaten human health, as well as damage to brickwork, woodwork, service pipes and electrical wiring. Read more on our rats and collections page.

If you have a query or complaint about your refuse collections please call Streetline on 020 7361 3001 or email: