Mini recycling centres

A mini recycling centre consists of multiple banks allowing you to recycle a number of different items. 

See a list of mini recycling centres in the Royal Borough.

View a map of mini recycling centres [PDF] (file size 820Kb)

Types of banks at mini recycling centres

Mixed recycling

Mixed recycling means the recycling bank(s) accept paper and card, glass bottles and jars, tins and cans, empty aerosols, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, and food and drink cartons.  Please do not recycle any other items, especially food or garden waste, in these banks. 

Clothes banks

Clothes banks are separate banks which accept all unwanted clothes, textiles and old rags. Please note: some clothes banks will also accept shoes - please check on the front of the bank as it will be clearly marked if you can deposit clothes and shoes. 

Shoe banks

Shoe banks are separate banks for the collections of unwanted shoes.  Pairs of shoes should always be tied together before being placed in the bank. Please note: some shoe banks will also accept clothes - please check on the front of the bank as it will be clearly marked if you can deposit shoes and clothes. 

Light bulb and battery recycling

Currently there is only one bank available for recycling light bulbs and batteries and this can be found at Sainsbury's, Ladbroke Grove. Please see our battery recycling page and light bulb recycling page for more details on where you can recycle these items.   

Book banks

Book banks mean you can deposit all unwanted hardback and paperback books.  Please note: some book banks also accept CDs - please check on the front of the bank.

WEEE banks 

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.  You can deposit small electrical items such as mobile phones, kettles and toasters into these banks, but not larger items such as big televisions, fridges or freezers.

The following mini recycling centres have WEEE banks:

  • Pelham Street (junction with Thurloe Square), SW7

  • Holland Park car park, (Abbotsbury Road entrance) W14
  • King’s Road (outside Co-Op), SW10  
  • Redcliffe Square, Redcliffe Gardens SW10 
  • Tavistock Depot, Portobello Road (50 yards south of Westway), W11 (Access between the hours of 7am and 4pm daily)

Larger items

Larger items can be donated via Freecycle or Computeraid, or if you buy any new items check whether the store you purchased them from will take away the old ones.

They can also be taken directly to Western Riverside, Wandsworth or you can book too big for the bin (chargeable or free if you’re on benefits) and where possible your items will be re-used.

Mini recycling centres in the borough

Important notice: The Cremorne Wharf Civic Amenity and Recycling Centre, Silchester Road minicentre and Denyer Street Depot have closed to the public permanently. We are sorry for any inconvenience. There are alternative sites for rubbish and recycling materials at:

Avondale Park (Walmer Road entrance), W11

     Mixed recycling 

Chelsea Manor Gardens (rear of Chelsea Town Hall), SW3

     Mixed recycling

Elkstone Road (opposite Southam Street), W10

     Mixed recycling, clothes, shoes

Fulham Road (junction with Hortensia Road), SW10

Mixed recycling, clothes

Holland Park Avenue (in front of Royal Crescent), W11

     Mixed recycling, clothes, shoes

Holland Park car park (Abbotsbury Road entrance), W14

     Mixed recycling, clothes, shoes, WEEE

King’s Road (outside Co-Op), SW10

Mixed recycling, shoes, WEEE

King’s Road (west of Milman's Street), SW10

      Mixed recycling, shoes and clothes

Pelham Street (junction with Thurloe Square), SW7

     Mixed recycling, clothes, shoes and WEEE

Redcliffe Square, Redcliffe Gardens, SW10

      Mixed recycling, shoes and WEEE

Royal Hospital Road (between Franklin's Row and Ormonde Gate), SW3

      Mixed recycling, clothes, shoes

Sainsbury's, Canal Way (off Ladbroke Grove), W10

      Clothes, shoes, light bulbs and batteries

Sainsbury's, Cromwell Road, SW7

      Clothes and shoes  

Tavistock Depot, Portobello Road (50 yards south of Westway), W11

     (Access between the hours of 7am - 4pm daily)

      Mixed recycling, clothes and shoes, WEEE

Westfield Park (Upcerne Road entrance), SW10

      Mixed recycling

World's End Estate, Blantyre Street, SW10

      Mixed recycling, clothes, shoes