Pre-School and Primary Schools

Our environmental education programme caters for all ages from pre-school to upper primary. Sessions last for two hours but can be adjusted in timing to suit. They can be self-led or run by an experienced field teacher and have clear curriculum linked objectives. Visits are available all year round but please book early for the summer term as this is often fully booked.

We can also tailor-make sessions to suit the needs of teachers of all levels of education.

Download the Primary School Prospectus [PDF] (file size 875Kb)

A selection of our programmes

  • Nature Explorers [PDF] (file size 58Kb)
    Preschool to KS1: explore the woodland with a nature walk making sticky cards, sensory games and a hunt for minibeasts. 
  • Pond and woodland life  [PDF] (file size 58Kb) 
    KS1: compare and contrast different creatures that live in the pond and the wood. 
  • Tree Trolls  [PDF] (file size 57Kb) 
    KS1 and KS2: art session using natural materials; collect seeds, feathers, twigs and fruits to transform a small log into a woodland troll. 
  • Habitats [PDF] (file size 76Kb)
    KS1 and KS2: learn about habitats through exploring woodlands and ponds.
  • Minibeasts [PDF] (file size 66Kb)
    KS1 and KS2: what is a minibeast? Find out by looking at our examples in the centre and going on a minibeast hunt.  
  • Food Chains [PDF] (file size 56Kb)
    KS2: study the components of a food chain by exploring the Wildlife Area.  
  • Terrific Trees [PDF] (file size 66Kb)
    KS2: explore plant life cycles and learn how to identify and classify trees using keys.  
  • Nature’s Recyclers [PDF] (file size 77.3Kb)
    KS2 and KS3: relate recycling to the woodland nutrient cycle; learn about the role of detritivores and decomposers in the woodland ecosystem and build a wormery.  

We also offer sessions that reflect the seasons:

  • Seed Dispersal autumn only (KS2): discover how and why seeds are dispersed; go on a woodland walk to collect different seeds and explore how plants reproduce
  • Winter trees: learn how to identify trees in the winter and create some winter inspired art
  • Frog lifecycles (KS1/2) Spring only Learn about the amphibians of the pond and  their lifecycles
  • Flower Power : explore how plants grow and reproduce through games and observational work in the formal gardens and wildlife area



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