Ecology ActivitiesSecondary and Tertiary Education

Our environmental education programme caters for all ages from preschool to higher education. Sessions last for two hours. They can be self-led or run by an experienced field teacher and have clear curriculum linked objectives. Visits are available all year round but please book early for the summer term as this is often fully booked.

Secondary School Prospectus [PDF] (file size 758Kb)

We can tailor sessions to meet your learning needs. For GCSE, BTEC, A Level and tertiary groups, sessions can be designed in consultation with you and with reference to the specific course requirements.

A selection of our programmes

  • Nature’s Recyclers (KS2 and KS3): relate recycling to the woodland nutrient cycle; learn about the role of detritivores and decomposers in the woodland ecosystem and build a wormery 
  • Food webs and feeding relationships (KS3): recognise how food chains within a habitat are interconnected; identify and classify animals in the centre and the Wildlife Area according to their trophic level
  • Sampling techniques (KS3 and KS4): carry out a population survey in the pond, quadrat sampling in the wood, and other sampling techniques  
  • Classification and Variation (KS3): learn how to classify living things into the major taxonomic groups through the identification of species in the park
  • Biodiversity (KS4): investigate the difference in number of invertebrate species between native and exotic tree species through practical investigation


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