Pest Control Service

The Environmental Health Department can help you manage your pest control issues.

Our pest control services

We offer a range of pest control treatments for domestic and commercial service users. Read more about:

We do not provide pest control services for problems caused by bees, birds (including pigeons and gulls) or foxes.  See our advice below.

Make an appointment

Please ring 020 7361 3002 or email to arrange an appointment.  See our full contact details.

Pests in rented accommodation

If you live in rented accommodation and have a problem with pests you should contact your landlord or managing agent/representative, or TMO. Landlords have a legal responsibility to deal with pest problems on their property. Tenants can report an unresolved pest problem to the Pest Control Service for enforcement.

Advice about pests

Pests like rats and mice carry diseases that can cause serious illnesses or, in some circumstances, even kill. Providing pests with food and shelter increases the risk that you or your family will come into contact with them.

There are some steps you can take to avoid nuisance from wild animals like foxes and gulls that are not subject to pest control. Read our advice on: