Motorcycle parking

There are two types of motorcycle bay in Kensington and Chelsea; one is reserved for residents of the borough and the other is free to any motorcyclist.

Resident motorcyclists

We want to encourage resident motorcyclists to park in motorcycle bays rather than between cars in residents’ bays where they are vulnerable to being damaged and do not always make best use of kerbside space. We have located residents’ motorcycle permit bays so that all residents are only a few minutes’ walk from one. Most of the bays are fitted with locking anchors for securing motorcycles.

There are two types of motorcycle permit:

  • Motorcycle bay permit that allows parking in residents’ motorcycle bays only. These bays are identified with the words ‘M/C Permits Only’ painted on the road. This permit is free of charge
  • Combined motorcycle permit that allows parking in all residents’ parking bays and residents’ motorcycle bays. This permit costs £100 per year or £84 to holders of  Advanced Rider Training Certificates.
  • download the Residents' permit application form [PDF] (file size 119Kb)


See our Residents' Parking Guide [PDF] (file size 487Kb)for more details and full terms and conditions.