Cost of a suspension

These fees are charged for a parking suspension application submitted from 1 April 2013.

The fee will apply for each chargeable day, per space required.

Chargeable days

Fee per day,

per space

From 1 to 5 days


From 6 to 42 days


From 43 or more days


Example fee calculation:

If you want a suspension for 3 chargeable days and for 2 spaces, calculate as follows:

  • 3 days x £48 = £144 x 2 spaces = £288

 If you want a suspension for 7 chargeable days and 1 space, calculate as follows:

Number of days:

  • 5 days x £48 = £240
  • 2 days x£72 = £144

So total charge for 7 days = £384 for 1 space

Or view the full list of calculated charges per day, per space


You will need to pay this fee when you apply for a suspension.

There needs to be one clear consecutive week between the dates required for a suspension for a second application to be treated as a new application and incur the lower charges.

Each space is about 16 feet (or five metres) long.

Admin and cancellation charges

  • An administrative fee will be charged, per application, if you cancel or make changes to the application as follows:  
Suspension admin charges per application 
Any changes, including cancellation, to the suspension application after the sign has been put up  £16
Any changes, including cancellation, to the suspension application before the sign has been put up  £11

There is a £16 admin fee charge if we have to cancel your suspension because it is not being used for the purpose approved.

In addition to the suspension charge, each film related parking request exceeding four car spaces will be the subject of a Parking Handling Charge from the Borough Film Office of £78.

Skip licence, highway licences and dispensations

We issue these licences, and skip renewals, for each period requested (from 1 day up to a maximum of three months).

All charges for skip licences, temporary structures and plant and material licences must be paid for each application requested and in addition to any suspension charges.

View the cost of fees.

Yellow line dispensations are charged daily on the same basis as a suspension fee and must be paid for on approval.