Parking tickets and enforcement

If you are parked illegally, you may be issued with a parking ticket or penalty charge notice (PCN). Your vehicle could also be removed.

The penalty for parking illegally is £130 for a 'serious' contravention or £80 for a 'less serious' contravention. If you pay this within 14 days you will qualify for a 50 per cent reduction.

If you ignore our notice or an adjudicator’s decision to uphold a penalty charge notice, the charge will rise by 50 per cent and we will deal with this as a debt. This could possibly lead to us passing the debt to bailiffs.

Removed cars

If a local authority within the London area has removed your car, you should phone the TRACE help line service on 0845 206 8602 and they will tell you where to locate your car. 

If your vehicle was not removed by your local authority, contact the police for more information.

Vehicles removed by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to the Lots Road Vehicle Pound will be released under these conditions:

Removed in line with the: Release fees
Traffic Management Act 2004

Penalty charge fee and

Release fee: £200

Storage cost: £40 per day will apply if you do not pay for the release of your vehicle

London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2008 Contact the Vehicle Pound in Lots Road to confirm the outstanding amount to be paid.

You must provide the required documents and fees as advised by the Vehicle Pound team before the vehicle can be released.

Clamped cars

Whilst we do not wheel clamp vehicles using the Traffic Management Act 2004, bailiffs or other agencies may apply clamps to vehicles parked in this borough for the recovery of unpaid Penalty Charge Notices or other debts.

Please call the phone number shown on the Immobilisation Notice placed on your vehicle.

How to pay

The prices of Penalty Charge Notices and removals are set by London Councils in consultation with the Mayor of London. Visit the London Councils website for further details.

You can pay by cash, cheque, postal order, credit or debit card as follows:

By phone:

  • PCN payment line: 020 7795 8888
  • Customer Services: 020 7361 4383
  • Removal line: 020 7376 8402 or 020 7351 1203


In person:

By post (cheque or postal order payments only):

  • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
    PO Box 4294
    Worthing,  BN13 1WW