Parking penalty charges

There are two levels of charges payable for a parking penalty. There is a higher charge for parking contraventions that cause the most disruption and danger to pedestrians and other road users. Less serious contraventions will attract a lower charge.

The roads in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are classified as Band A for on street and off street contraventions:

  More serious (as defined by Appendix 1) Less serious (as defined by Appendix 2)
Borough roads - Band A £130 £80

The discount of 50 per cent will apply to the above charges if the charge is paid within the 14-day period set out in legislation.

Download the full lists of parking contraventions according to the level of charges that apply:

The parking contravention code descriptions apply to all London boroughs and may include reference to visitor vouchers or shared use bays; however these do not apply in this borough.

There are several ways to pay a parking ticket. Find out How to pay a parking ticket.

Additional parking charges

Clamping and removal costs

The discount rate PCN must be paid in addition to the clamp or removal/storage fees before the vehicle is released:

Release from clamp: £70
Release from the car pound: £200
Storage: £40 (per day)
Disposal of a vehicle: £70