Replacing or changing your permit

Changing your personal details

If you change your name or telephone number or move home within the Royal Borough while your permit is still valid, you can continue to use the same permit but you will need to fill in a Change of Personal Details form and supply proof of the change. We do not charge for changing your personal details.

Replacing your permit

There are several reasons why you may need to replace your permit, for all of these you will need a Replacement permit form:

New vehicle or number plate

Do not alter your permit if you have changed your vehicle or number plate. Fill in a Replacement Permit form and return it with your current permit and proof that you own or use the new vehicle so we can provide a replacement. We charge £11 to replace your permit.

Temporary change of vehicle

If you are temporarily using a vehicle that is not registered in your name you must send back your permit and proof that you are using the temporary vehicle with your Replacement Permit form. We charge £11 to temporarily change your vehicle details and issue you with a temporary permit.

Damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen permits

We charge £11 to replace your permit and the replacement will be valid for the life of the original permit and for the same vehicle. If you do not return your old permit and do not have a crime reference number for a stolen permit you will have to pay £11 and the cost of a new permit even if there was time left on your old permit.