Permit charges

The Council wants to encourage residents to choose less polluting vehicles, so we have linked vehicle exhaust emissions to the cost of parking permits. We  base our tariff bands for permits on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions because all cars registered since March 2001 have official CO2 figures printed on their registration documents.

Car (and van) permits are priced according to CO2 emissions for vehicles registered after 1 March 2001 or engine size for vehicles registered before March 2001. These are shown on your Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C).

Permit prices from 1 April 2014.


3 months

6 months

12 months

Engine size 1549cc and under (pre 1 March 2001)




Engine size over 1549cc (pre 1 March 2001)




Band 1 – up to 100g/km and electric vehicles




Band 2 – 101-120g/km




Band 3 – 121-150g/km




Band 4 – 151-165g/km




Band 5 – 166-185g/km




Band 6 – 186 – 225g/km and vehicles over 225g/km registered between 01/03/2001 and 22/03/2006




Band 7 – over 225g/km and registered from 23/03/2006




We class fully electric vehicles as Band 1 and base charges for Hybrid vehicles on vehicle emissions.

Supplementary charges


Diesel engines have often been presented as being more environmentally friendly than petrol engines. Being more fuel-efficient than their petrol equivalents they tend to produce less CO2 per mile but, at least until recently, diesels produced much higher emissions of nitrous oxides and harmful particulates than petrol engines – contributing to poor local air quality. However, the latest diesel engines are more comparable to petrol equivalents in terms of their contribution to local air pollution so we levy a surcharge of £18 on diesel vehicles if they do not meet the Euro 5 emissions standard. All cars first registered after 1 January 2011 meet the Euro 5 emission standard.

Second or subsequent permits

To discourage multiple car ownership we charge £65 per year extra for parking permits for second and subsequent vehicles in a household. Householders must decide who will be the primary permit holder, and who will pay the second or subsequent charge.