Temporary structure licence or licences for storing materials or plant

You cannot leave building materials or plant (machinery) on the highway without a valid permit.

This is an offence under the following legislation:

  • Highways Act 1980 (sections 169, 172, 173 and 184);
  • GLC General Powers Act 1970 (sections 1 and 5);
  • Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976; and
  • Highways Act 1980 (sections 137, 170 and 171);

It is also an offence to put up or leave a temporary structure on the highway (like a scaffold) without a valid licence.

You must get a licence and pay a deposit for all temporary structures and materials or plant you store on the public highway, before you start work.

We issue these licences, and any renewals, for three months at a time.


How do I apply for a licence for a temporary structure, or storing materials or plant?

Or alternatively:

  • email parking.suspensions@rbkc.gov.uk including your name and postal address and we will send you a form
  • visit the Customer Service Centre at the Kensington Town Hall or phone us on 020 7361 4385 to request a form (we do not accept faxed or photocopied applications)

How much does it cost?

View the cost of fees.

Site deposit:

Our highways department will inspect the site and decide how much your deposit will be and whether we need to suspend any parking bays. We will then write to tell you the amount of the deposit and the permit conditions.


What are the conditions for a licence for a temporary structure, or storing materials or plant?

You must renew your licence on or before the date it runs out.

Under the London Local Authorities Act 1991 you, as the licence holder, are responsible for:

  • preventing unauthorised access to the scaffolding
  • the security of the building where the scaffolding is being used
  • the security of any nearby building

Your licence must be in force and displayed on the structure at all times.

For information on lighting requirements, see Lighting requirements for scaffolding, hoardings and pedestrian barriers

You can get information and advice on preventing crimes (concerning scaffolding) from the crime prevention officer at the following local police stations:

Repairs and refunds

After you have finished your work or taken down the temporary structure, you must write and tell us. This is so that the site can be inspected for any damage, and any necessary repairs can be made (you will have to pay the costs involved). If no repairs are needed, we will refund any deposit we owe you. We will not refund any of your deposit unless we receive a written request for a refund within six months after your last licence ran out.

Red routes

The red route comprises mainly major routes into and around London and forms part of the Transport for London Road Network, (TLRN).

If you want to apply for a temporary structure licence or a licence for storing materials or plant on a red route, you must get permission from Transport for London (TfL) before we can approve the application.

Email: centrallicensing@tfl.gov.uk
Telephone : 020 7536 3626
                  020 7536 3621  
                  020 7536 3611 
Fax: 020 7536 3650