Town Hall car park

The car park is under Kensington Town Hall in Hornton Street and is ideally situated for the shops on Kensington High Street.

Hornton Street map


Parking tariffs 

Car park tariffs
Time period Tariff
Up to 1 hour £4.40
1 to 2 hours £8.80
2 to 3 hours £13.20
3 to 4 hours £17.60
4 to 6 hours £26.40
6 to 8 hours £35.20
8 to 10 hours £44
Overnight rate 6pm to 9am £4.40
Sunday rate 9am to 6pm £6.60

Lost tickets are charged at the full daily rate of £48.40.

Season tickets

Season tickets are available for regular daily users at the following rates (all prices include VAT):

Time period Tariff
12 months £3,903
6 months £2,060
3 months £1,084
1 month £380


Overnight season tickets

  • Overnight Ticket (six days a week)
    Tariff: £44 for 13 weeks
    Parking period: Monday to Friday between 5pm and 10am the next day. All day parking on Sundays and Bank Holidays.
    You must leave on Saturday by 10am. If you return on Saturday you will have to pay the daily charge.
  • Overnight Ticket (seven days a week)
    Tariff: £109 for 13 weeks
    Parking period: Monday to Friday between 5pm and 10am the next day. Plus all day parking on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Residents concessionary rates

Resident permit holders that are going away and are worried that they will not be able to move their car if the bay they are parked in is suspended, can park in the car park for a week or more at the special concessionary rates of £46.20 minimum for one week and £6.60 per day beyond the first week. You will need to show your residents' permit when entering the car park.

These concessionary rates also apply to residents with foreign registered vechiels that cannot be kept on the public highway. To obtain the discount you will need to go to the Customer Service Centre at the Town Hall and show your original vehicle registration document (the vehicle must be registered to you) and two proofs of your address in Kensington and Chelsea, see the list of acceptable proofs here. You will be given a letter to take to the car park.


Resident motorcyclists

  • Motorcyclist rate for longer term parking (minimum one week and daily charge for stays of more than 1 week) £7 minimum and £1 per day beyond the first week
  • Motorcycle 26 week overnight motorcycle season ticket £190
  • Motorcycle 52 week overnight motorcycle season ticket £380

For further information please contact the car park directly on 020 7937 7040.


Electric vehicles

There are six 13amp sockets in the car park available to any electric vehicle driver. We offer a reduced parking tariff for wholly electric vehicles whilst charging, see Electric vehicles for more details.