What adopters have to say



Kensington and Chelsea has many adoption champions. Here are some of their experiences. The names of people featured in the commercials have been changed to protect their identities.

"I feel special, I would not be the same person without my family!" – Ama's story

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Ama's transcript: “I don’t think I will be the same person I am now if I was not adopted, but in the family I am now. I feel special like, like the chosen ones, me and my brother. When you are adopted you know what your life could’ve been without it, so you try and make it as good as possible."

"I am happy about the whole thing. I just can’t imagine what her life would have been like without us. (laughs). I don’t mean to sound like a bigheaded mummy but you know it is true.”

"They called me mother and I froze" – Saskia's story

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Saskia's transcript: “The day I met my children was the strangest day for me because they called me mother and I froze and I realised how unprepared I was for that role.

The love has grown so intensely that these children know me better than I know myself. They absolutely have completed my life and they have given me the purpose for which I was brought onto this earth and I am very clear about that.”

"Meeting my adoptive son" – Neema's story

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Neema's transcript: “The first time I met my adoptive son it was really amazing. He’d obviously been told about me. Anyway he opened the door and there were these huge brown eyes and he said 'You are my new mummy aren’t you?' and I said 'Yes I am and I’ve bought you a little toy' and he took one look at it and said to me 'I’ve already got that toy'. So I said 'ok let’s go down to the shop and change it then.'”


An adoption journey

We are a same-sex couple and we have been together now for ten years. We always knew we would like to have children, so for us adoption was the only option available.  We have now been through the process twice and have successfully adopted two boys.  Our eldest joined us when he was two and a half and the youngest joined us when he was three months.  They are now two and seven years old respectively. They are not blood siblings but they share the same ethnicity.  They are both active boys and they share the same interests like running, cycling, playing with their cars or train set. For us they are a perfect together and I could not imagine a better match.  Both children were found from outside our assessing agency. However, to us it did not matter where the children came from as long as it was the right match. We were fully supported during the whole process so it did not really matter that the children were from a different borough.

I’m not sure what we expected from the assessment, but it was not as intrusive as we had been told by others. It turned out to be a good opportunity to be reflective about adoption. It was only during the panel stages that we felt really nervous as the outcome rested with panel members who we had not met even though they would have read our report. We also felt this same nervousness when we went to both matching panels. However, at all the panels we got the outcome we were looking for and the social workers had expected.

Now life has settled down with our two boys and they keep us busy. I would not wish it any other way.  I know how lucky we are that they are our sons. 

We will forever be grateful to the Westminster adoption team who helped us create our family. Over the six years that we have been involved in the adoption process we have met many people within the team. They were always supportive and easy to approach, so much so that when we decided to adopt for the second time there was never any doubt about going with the same agency.