What support do adopters receive?

  • all families adopting our children have a right to assessment for support and all our adopted children have an adoption support plan
  • approved adopters and adoptive parents can attend courses and workshops through the West London Adoption Consortium
  • we pay for a year’s membership of Adoption UK, the organisation run for and by adopters
  • adoptive parents can also attend groups run by our partner organisations
  • all our adopted children are eligible for a means tested adoption allowance. Children with very high needs may have an enhanced allowance
  • we support adoptive families with post adoption contact with the birth family
  • we run events for adoptive families
  • financial allowances will be considered for sibling groups and children with special needs in recognition of the additional commitments of parenting

There are also organisations that help us to support our adoptive families and adopted children:

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is a member of the West London Adoption Consortium (WLAC), which is made up of ten adoption agencies in West London. Adopters approved by any of the agencies can be matched with children from any of the eight local authority members. WLAC also provides training events for adopters and people being assessed for adoption.

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