Environmental health in the borough's housing

The Council's Environmental Health service is responsible for the enforcement of health and safety matters in a range of properties, including homes.

The following pages provide you with advice and information on:

Affordable warmth

Advice on fuel poverty, how to save energy, and what help is available to keep you warm: see Affordable warmth.

Our Energy Efficiency, Fuel Poverty and Environmental Health pack [PDF] (file size 1.59Mb) provides private sector landlords with information and advice on making their properties more energy efficient.


Advice on government housing standards, housing rating systems and how to tackle poor housing conditions: Disrepair.

Empty homes

There are various schemes and grants available to owners of empty properties to encourage them to return these to use: Empty homes.

Fire safety advice

The Royal Borough has some of the largest Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in the country; tackling fire safety protects residents from unsafe conditions: Fire safety advice.


Does your property need to be adapted for a disabled person? Has your boiler fallen into disrepair? Would you like central heating installed in place of a less efficient system?  If the answer is yes, the Council may be able to help.  See grants available from the Council.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

See if your property meets the criteria for an HMO, find out about the licensing requirements, and read our safety advice: Houses in Multiple Occupation.

Pest control

The Environmental Health Department can help you manage your pest control issues. Find out about or Domestic Pest Control Service, and read advice on gulls, foxes, and pests in refuse storage areas:  Pest control.