Housing advice

In this section, you can find information and advice which might be useful to help you find suitable accommodation, help someone be more independent at home or keep your own home:

Advice agencies

Kensington and Chelsea has many voluntary organisations and charities, which can provide you with independent housing advice, in addition to that provided by the Council: Advice agencies

Debt advice

If you would like advice or information regarding debt, we recommend some organisations for you to contact: Debt advice

Domestic violence

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, we can direct you to a variety of locally based services that offer free and confidential help.  Read our advice on your housing options if you are suffering from domestic violence 

Housing and employment

Support is available through the Council, social landlords, Jobcentre Plus and other organisations, to help you find employment or learn a new skill: Housing and employment 

Mortgage advice

If you are finding it difficult to pay your mortgage, the Government offers two schemes that may be able to help you; Homeowner Mortgage Support and the Mortgage Rescue Scheme: Mortgage advice

The Government's Help to Buy scheme makes it possible to buy a new-build or existing home priced up to £600,000 with as little as a five per cent deposit (opens in new window).

Options for older people

There are a number of support services to help older residents to maintain their independence and stay in their own homes.  Alternatively, in Kensington and Chelsea sheltered housing is available to rent from the Tenant Management Organisation and a number of registered social landlords: Options for older people

Preventing homelessness

If you think you will become homeless, we will work with you to try to stop this from happening. Although we may not be able to offer you a house, everyone with a housing need will be offered a housing options interview where we will explore a range of housing solutions to help you: Advice to prevent homelessness

Rough sleeping

The Council’s Social Inclusion Team works in partnership with the local police, voluntary organisations and housing providers to address the problem of rough sleeping

Supported housing

Every year, thousands of people regardless of their background need help to live more independently, either in their own home or in supported accommodation: Supporting people to live more independently