The Tenancy Relations Service

The Tenancy Relations Service is provided by the Council for the benefit of private sector landlords, tenants and leaseholders. It aims to promote good relations between landlords and tenants and to encourage good practice in the rental sector.

What does the Tenancy Relations Service do?

Tenancy Relations provides a general advice service on all aspects of housing law. This includes advice on security of tenure, rent and rent arrears, disrepair, possession, leasehold legislation, deposit protection and licensing.

Although the Tenancy Relations Service has the power of prosecution, we aim to prevent taking legal action by offering help and advice.

How can the service help?

There are many ways the service can help, including:

Unlawful eviction

The Council has the power to prosecute under the Protection From Eviction Act 1977.

A landlord normally needs a court order to evict a tenant. If your landlord tries to get you out without going to court, their actions may be unlawful.


If your landlord is entering the property without warning or by interfering with the gas and electricity supply, this may be harassment and the Tenancy Relations Service might be able to help.

Rent book offences

If you pay your rent weekly your landlord is committing an offence if he does not provide a rent book. This service can help you if your landlord is committing this offence.

Leaseholder offences

The service can provide advice as to what information leaseholders are entitled to by law.