Regeneration and community

These pages look at how we work to reduce antisocial behaviour, work with providers of social housing (such as housing associations) and how we look after our housing stock.

What's happening?

Housing regeneration, sometimes called housing renewal, is the process of renewing and upgrading the social housing stock in the Royal Borough.  Find out what’s happening.

Community groups

Find out how you can get involved in your community: Community groups.

Hidden Homes

The Hidden Homes project finds redundant or underused spaces in existing social housing and turns them into new homes: Hidden Homes.

Neighbourhood management

In this section you can find out about the work and projects we run to ensure the neighbourhoods of Kensington and Chelsea are great places to live, work and play: Neighbourhood management.

Pembroke Road

The Council is planning to review the future of the Council buildings in Pembroke Road, including the residential properties at Broadwood Terrace and Chesterton Square. Find out more on our Pembroke Road pages.

Social housing providers

The Royal Borough has a long history of working with registered providers (also known as housing associations or registered social landlords) to provide social housing.  Find out how we work with social housing providers.

Silchester regeneration

We are currently working with our partner, Peabody, to develop new and improved housing and facilities on the western edge of the Silchester Estate: Silchester regeneration

Trellick and Edenham

The area between Trellick Tower and Elkstone Road has been empty for some time. The Council, working with the local community, has begun the process of developing plans for the area: Trellick and Edenham

Treverton Estate

We are considering options to build a new Barlby Primary School, a new school for children with special education needs, and what opportunities there may be for developing Treverton Estate.