Housing publications

Housing publications

We have put together some housing factsheets on key housing issues. The factsheets provide a very basic summary of the issue, the possible actions you can take, and who to contact for further information.

We are currently revising a number of factsheets, in light of our new Allocation Scheme and Tenancy Policy. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Housingline on 020 7361 3008 or email housing@rbkc.gov.uk

Accessible Housing [PDF] (file size 403Kb)

Domestic Violence advice for social housing tenants [PDF] (file size 1.25Mb)

Equity Release [PDF] (file size 540Kb)

Health Assessments [PDF] (file size 254Kb)

Homelessness Are you homeless or about to lose your home? [PDF] (file size 968Kb)

Homelessness Asking for a review of a decision [PDF] (file size 622Kb)

Home Repairs advice for Council and housing association tenants [PDF] (file size 517Kb)

Home Start Scheme moving out of London [PDF] (file size 646Kb)

Housing Allocation Scheme: who gets priority for social housing? [PDF] (file size 427Kb)

Housing Benefit: spare bedroom restrictions [PDF] (file size 292Kb)

Mobility Transfer Scheme moving out of a ground floor property [PDF] (file size 678Kb)

Moving on from supported housing [PDF] (file size 696Kb)

Mutual Exchange swapping your property with another housing association or Council tenant [PDF] (file size 519Kb)

Mutual Exchange tips and guidance leaflet [PDF] (file size 515Kb)

Mutual Exchange tips and guidance booklet [PDF] (warning large file size 2.16Mb)
More detailed information and step by step guide to using the mutual exchange website 

Overcrowding [PDF] (file size 443Kb)

Private Rented Access Scheme [PDF] (file size 897Kb)

Regeneration: what it could mean for you. A leaflet for leaseholders [PDF] (file size 395Kb)

Regeneration: what it could mean for you. A leaflet for Secure Tenants [PDF] (file size 395Kb)

Sheltered housing in Kensington and Chelsea [PDF] (file size 1.59Mb)

Supported Housing and Hostels [PDF] (file size 396Kb)

Temporary Accommodation [PDF] (file size 461Kb)

Tenancy Rights [PDF] (file size 812Kb)

Under-occupation [PDF] (file size 701Kb)

Housing policies and strategies

Criteria for placement of applicants into temporary accommodation [PDF] (file size 97Kb)

Discharge of duty into the private rented sector policy [PDF] (file size 210Kb)

Allocation Scheme [PDF] (file size 461Kb)

Housing Allocation Scheme: who gets priority for social housing? [PDF] (file size 427Kb). Leaflet providing a summary of the Scheme.

Housing Strategy [PDF] (file size (1.25Mb)

Housing Strategy summary leaflet [PDF] (file size 270Kb)

Strategy for modernising older people's housing and accommodation with care services [PDF] (file size 449Kb)

Strategy for Supported Housing 2015 to 2020 [PDF] (file size 368Kb)

Tenancy Policy [PDF] (file size 97Kb)

Tenancy Policy summary leaflet [PDF] (file size 188Kb)

Tenancy Strategy [PDF] (file size 666Kb)

Tenancy Strategy summary leaflet [PDF] (file size 418Kb)

Information for our housing partners

Guide to the Nominations Agreement [PDF] (file size 609Kb)