Social housing

Social housing and you

Local housing information

An overview of housing in Kensington and Chelsea and who can join the Council's housing register.

Social housing in the borough

The number of people in Kensington and Chelsea who need to be rehoused is much larger than the number of properties available to the Council for letting each year. We aim to make sure the properties we have are offered to the people most in need.

Home Connections

Find out more about properties that are advertised on the Council’s choice-based lettings scheme, Home Connections.

Temporary accommodation

We do not have enough properties to house everyone who is in housing need. We therefore have to put some households into temporary accommodation. Find out more about what happens if you are placed in temporary accommodation.

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Tenant Management

Housing and tenancy support

Housing support services are for residents who are experiencing difficulties and may be at risk of losing their homes. The support can help you to manage your home and stay independent.

Tenants' consultative committee

Find out more about who the Committee is made up of, when it meets, dates of the next meeting plus minutes and presentations from previous meetings.

Tenancy management

Find out more about the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO), view previous annual reports and find out how you can make a comment and complaint.

Helping you to move

Mutual Exchange Scheme

This scheme is for people who are already housing association or Council tenants and want to swap their property with another tenant. This could be because they want a larger or smaller property or wish to move to another area.

Mobility Transfer Scheme

This scheme helps to make sure that the people living in ground floor properties are the people who need them most. Find out who is eligible and how it works.

HomeStart Scheme

The HomeStart Scheme helps people to move out of London. As all the social housing outside of London will be allocated to tenants already living in those areas, the scheme helps people to move into private rented accommodation.

Under-occupation Scheme

If you have spare bedrooms in your property, which you no longer need, the Under-occupation Scheme could help you with a move.

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Other housing options

Affordable housing

Affordable housing covers a range of schemes to help you buy or rent a home that you can afford.  The Council supports the development of affordable ownership schemes for people who cannot afford to buy a home on the open market without financial help.

Private rented accommodation

These pages offer advice on looking for rented accommodation, and suggestions on where to look, as well as ways the Council can help tenants in the private rented sector.