Information for homeowners

Includes mortgage and debt advice plus information on Energy Performance certificates, Garden Squares, Planning and Conservation and recycling and rubbish.

Mortgage advice

If you are finding it difficult to pay your mortgage, the Government offers two schemes that may be able to help you; Mortgage Rescue Scheme and Support for Mortgage Interest.

Debt advice

If you would like advice or information regarding debt, here you will find some agencies. that may be able to help you.

Energy performance certificate

All homes bought, sold or rented require an energy performance certificate.

Garden squares

The Royal Borough has over a hundred garden squares; forty six of these raise an annual levy which is collected as part of the council tax due from residents whose properties form part of the garden.

Planning and conservation

The Royal Borough handles over 3,000 planning applications each year and is committed to being professional, adaptable and transparent in all its dealings with its customers, providing high quality, unbiased advice at all times.

Recycling and rubbish

Rubbish collections take place twice a week, and as normal on most bank holidays. The Royal Borough aims to make recycling as easy and as convenient as possible for all residents, and there are two schemes in place for the collection of recyclable materials.


Does your property need to be adapted for a disabled person? Has your boiler fallen into disrepair? Would you like central heating installed in place of a less efficient system?  If the answer is yes, the Council may be able to help.