Filming and photography in the borough

Our aim is to ensure that all filming activities are carried out safely and with minimum disruption to our residents and businesses. We aim to achieve this by:

  • providing a friendly and effective service, using our local knowledge and expertise in dealing with all manner of filming enquiries and facilitating large and small shoots
  • co-ordinating Council services and providing a trouble shooting service
  • protecting the interests of our residents and ensuring that those filming on-street adhere to best practice and to all Council requirements

Applying to film

  • click here to apply

  • we require a minimum of ten working days to process your application

  • during the busy summer months, July to August, a minimum of ten to twenty working days is required depending on the size and potential impact of the shoot

  • The cost of officer admin is £80 per hour

  • Late applications are accepted and processed at the film officer’s discretion. A late application fee of £80 will be charged. 

Applying for parking suspensions

We require seven working days notice to process pay and display parking suspensions and fifteen working days for resident bays, (except from July to August when we require 10 or more days for all). Applications must be submitted before 12pm. The cost of suspending a bay or single yellow waiver is £51 per day. Please submit your parking requests with your FilmApp application, click here to apply.

Please include:

  • the time and date required
  • the number of bays, type of bay (pay and display/resident) location (road name, machine number/house number)
  • a parking map/sketch of the required suspensions

In some circumstances displacement parking will also need to be provided. The Filming and Special Events Office will advise where necessary. The Filming and Special Events Office also charge an administration fee at an hourly rate (currently £80.00 inclusive of VAT) to cover officer time, general advice, office costs and liaison with other Council officers, if required.

All payments must be made by debit or credit card before filming can take place. We will accommodate late applications where possible, but an additional hourly - rate charge will be applied.

Notifying the police

Once your application has been processed, notification will be sent to the Kensington and Chelsea police operations department - you are still required to inform them of your filming activity.

Please note:

The Council requires production companies filming on-street to undertake a full site specific risk assessment in advance of all shoots, as any failure to do so may invalidate insurance cover.

If you have any questions, please contact the Filming and Special Events Office on: tel: 020 7341 5124 or 020 7341 5109, or email: