Cremorne has several long term development projects running with local schools to build kayaking into their physical education curriculum, up to and including GCSE level.

New school groups are welcome to come along for a taster session, or get involved with the Inspire 2012 or Amigo projects detailed below. Sessions on and off the water can be tailored to enhance current learning at school, for example the water cycle.

Future Paddling Project

The future paddling project aims to inspire young people to participate actively in paddlesports in their local environment. The project consists of a three hour session, designed to accommodate school classes of up to 30 young people. Half the session takes place on the tidal Thames; challenging participants to work together and develop their personal skills, and the second half of the session in Cremorne Gardens completing specially designed interactive worksheets which link into local history and paddlesports.

Amigo Project

The Amigo project is designed for groups of up to eight selected young people to address behavioural and communication skill shortfalls. The programme consists of six sessions on the Thames, placing participants in situations where they need to use personal kayaking skills alongside teamwork and communication skills.