Job seekers

Looking for a job at any stage of your life can be very challenging, whether you have just left education, been made redundant, or are looking for a career change, but there are sources of help available to you to give you the best possible chance of success.

"I believe there is work out there, not necessarily in the profession you want, but there are basic jobs that everyone can do if you want to. I think you have to be as active as you can when you are looking for work and do your best to integrate into the system..." Read Belete's story.

Libraries are an excellent resource for those looking for employment. We are free to use, and as well as holding lots of books that could help you in your hunt for a job, we have a lot of other resources available too.

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Free Wi-fi

We can offer you a free internet connection from your laptop or other device – please see our Wi-fi page for further information about how to get connected. Wi-fi is available at North Kensington, Brompton, Chelsea and Kensington Central libraries.

Free access to computers and the internet

Access to the internet is essential for job seekers, as many jobs are now advertised and applied for online. You can also write, upload and distribute your CV electronically. The libraries have computers which are free to use for all library members.

Please see our People’s Network page for more information, also our list of computer training in the borough.

Quiet place to study and read

Being unemployed sometimes means that you feel you are stuck at home all day, or if you live in a busy household it can be hard to find time and space to work. Libraries are a free, peaceful space for everyone: you can come here to read the paper, do some research, study, and apply for jobs.

Reference library e-resources

The Reference Library subscribes to lots of online resources that you can access from anywhere. If you want to research a company before applying for a role or going for an interview, find out about industry competitors, or company information, then Mint UK our online business tool, is perfect for you. We also have an online database of national newspaper articles (UK Newsstand), as well as the online Oxford English Dictionary and Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Reference library printed resources

We have copies of prospectuses and directories of useful information about grants and funding, as well as market research, company information and company history to help you shine at interviews.

Careers advice sessions

National Careers Service

National Careers Service advice sessions

There are free careers advice sessions available at Kensington Central and Chelsea Libraries.



Newspapers and magazinesPeriodicals image

List of periodicals available in the library
Most newspapers have job sections advertising the latest roles available, and trade magazines will also have pages just for vacant positions.The library service has a variety of magazines and newspapers to browse.


Careers and job seeking book stockLibrary catalogue

Search our catalogue
All libraries hold a selection of books that can offer you some help getting started with your job search.Tips about writing a CV and application forms, guides to performing well at job interviews, information about different industries and professions and advice about working or studying abroad and volunteering.