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Linley Sambourne's career as a photographer

Cartoonist Illustrator Photographer

Linley Sambourne
Like many artists, Linley Sambourne used photography to replace the need for life drawings. Sambourne took many of his photographs in the back garden of 18 Stafford Terrace using his family and servants as models. The examples below show how he used the photographs as the basis for his illustrations.

Marion posing for photograph

Marion posing:
Marion disliked like posing for photographs. She regarded her husband's photographic sessions as a nuisance, as they interfered with her daily housekeeping regime.


Nude Model: Most artists employed models. Sambourne's friend Edwin Austen Abbey, who lived nearby, shared his model with Sambourne.
This was useful when he needed a nude figure in his drawings, but nude photography soon became his hobby.

A Political Conference

A Political Conference: Here Sambourne's coachman Otley is posing as the Emperor Nero, while Sambourne himself poses as Nero's friend. The two photographs were used as the basis for the Punch cartoon A Political Conference.

Draped Model

Draped model: Sambourne took these photographs at the Camera Club which he joined in 1893. They were used as the basis for an illustration in Punch's Almanack. Sambourne enjoyed the opportunity to produce elaborate drawings after years of working on weekly cartoons.

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