RBKC Business Direct


Business Direct

The Council wants to strengthen the way it communicates with its business community and Business Direct is our new emagazine aimed at doing just that.

But don't worry; we have no intention of adding to the spam already cluttering the in-baskets of our entrepreneurs. That's why Business Direct comes to you with a promise: it will only ever cover issues that have the potential to affect your bottom-line.

Our stories will only be about:

  • major public realm and transport infrastructure projects
  • large-scale planning issues
  • parking
  • law and order
  • education, employment and training
  • visitor management
  • business initiatives

Or other issues that might add or subtract from your customer base or otherwise affect trading conditions in the borough.

In short we aim to avoid PR puffs and offer you high level briefings on matters of clear relevance to the business community.