Planning policy

The Council's current and emerging planning policies, supplementary guidance, current and past consultations on policy making, and strategy for planning across the borough.

Development Plan

Core Strategy and other Development Plan documents

The Royal Borough's development plan includes the December 2010 Core Strategy, extant policies from the Unitary Development Plan (UDP), the Norland Neighbourhood Plan and the London Plan.

Adoption of Policies

The Council has adopted policies on basements, conservation and design, miscellanous matters and public houses as part of the partial review of the Core Strategy.

Inspectors' Reports

The Inspectors' reports on the examination into the Council's submitted policies on basements, conservation and design and miscellaneous matters.

Partial Review of Core Strategy

The Council has undertaken a partial review of its policies on basement development, conservation and design and miscellaneous matters. These policies have now been found sound.

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Current Consultations

Information on open consultations if currently running, and links to consultation search.

Previous Consultations

Search recent and past consultations

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Emerging site specific guidance

Notting Hill Gate

There is an opportunity to plan for major change in Notting Hill Gate. The Council has prepared a draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) that, once adopted, will be used to assess any planning applications that come forward.

Trellick Tower and Edenham Way

There is an opportunity to provide new homes on the vacant land at the base of Trellick Tower and the Council has prepared a draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

Royal Brompton Hospital

The Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust (RBHT) approached the Council to develop a planning brief for a number of sites in Chelsea.

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Other policy documents

Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary planning documents and guidance (SPDs and SPGs) give guidance on the Council's planning processes, and are one of the ‘material considerations’ in determining planning applications.

Section 106

If a planning development is considered to be generally acceptable but may have some adverse impacts section 106 agreements may be used to offset those impacts.

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