Conservation and design

The Royal Borough is an area of enormous architectural significance and interest. Over 70 per cent of the borough is protected by 35 separate Conservation Areas.


Lots Village Conservation Area

Following consultation on the proposed Lots Road Conservation Area from 4 March to 15 April 2013 a number of responses were received. These have been summarised in a report (see below) and a table of the detailed comments and the Council's response is also provided. Some comments received were opposed to designation, but most were in favour but wanted adjustments to the boundaries. They included the suggestion that it should be called the Lots Village Conservation Area. ·

A formal survey of the architectural and historic significance of the area was undertaken in January and February and the Council is producing a Conservation Area Appraisal document which will provide an analysis of the area’s historic and architectural character and significance. A key decision, previously announced on this website, to designate the Lots Road area, in principle, a conservation area with revised boundaries reflecting the historic function of the area as a working community in south Chelsea, has been postponed. At this stage no formal decisions have been taken on whether to designate the proposed Lots Village conservation area. It was felt that a key decision to designate an area with an amended boundary in principle was premature and should not be taken before all those who might be affected had had a chance to voice their thoughts, concerns or approval through formal consultation. Public consultation on the principle of designation, the boundary and the contents of the conservation area appraisal report will occur later in the year, in early June, once the local elections have passed. This consultation will extend to all businesses and residents within the wider Lots Road area.

DCMS consultation on Improving Listed Building Consent.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport issued a consultation document on possible changes to the way Listed Building Consents are administered. The Royal Borough's covering letter and response are below.

Architecture Appraisal Panel

To assist us in protecting the architectural heritage of the area, we have a special Architecture Appraisal Panel which meets regularly to consider and advise upon major development proposals in the area. The members of this panel are distinguished and experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge about the area.

The remit of the Architecture Appraisal Panel is to:

  • evaluate and advise on the architectural and urban design merits of key development proposals, streetscape and other public realm projects and Supplementary Planning Documents involving design matters
  • promote  and publicise high quality architecture and urban design in the Royal Borough, and
  • make representations to the Planning Inspectorate where necessary

The panel has been meeting on a monthly basis since March 2008 and has commented on over 30 development proposals, some at pre-application stage and others after the application has been submitted. There is a pool of 24 panel members of whom six to eight attend each meeting. 

The Panel has proved to be invaluable to both Council Members and Officers in ‘raising the bar’ in achieving quality contemporary architecture in the Royal Borough.

To find out more about the Panel, please call the Conservation and Design Team on 020 7361 2573.