Planning legislation seeks to strike a balance between the rights and freedom of an individual to develop their property and the protection of the amenities of neighbours and the conservation/protection of the environment. The Council will investigate to establish whether there has been a 'breach' of planning control if the following and other similar instances occur:

  • development appears to have taken place without planning permission
  • work is carried out without complying with conditions attached to planning permission
  • works appear to have been carried out to a listed building without consent

Planning enforcement is a very complex area; the legislation itself has to be interpreted in the light of decisions made by the Courts and account has been taken of relevant appeal decisions made by and on behalf of the Secretary of State.

Before making an enforcement complaint, you should always search our application pages to see if permission has been granted for the development. In some instances, development may be allowed under permitted development rights and therefore not need consent from the Planning Department.

If you believe that permission has not been granted, or that the development requires permission and you would like us to investigate a possible breach of the planning rules please contact us 

  • by writing to us at Planning Enforcement, Planning and Borough Development, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Town Hall, Hornton Street, London, W8 7NX
  • by emailing planning@rbkc.gov.uk;
  • by telephoning PlanningLine on 020 7361 3012.

Please be aware that we cannot accept anonymous enforcement enquiries; you must provide us with your name, your address and a contact telephone number or email address.

You can search for details on enforcement complaints, including the case reference number, site address, and a brief description of the details. Information is updated every 24 hours

If you require confirmation that an enforcement notice has been complied with or you require the withdrawal of an enforcement notice, a fee is payable. Please see the charges on the Schedule of Supplementary Charges below.

For further information on Planning Enforcement, please see our Frequently Asked Questions on Enforcement [PDF file] (file size 20Kb)