Planning policy

Planning policy relating to public houses and other facilities which make life local and planning policy relating to use and its contribution to character within conservation areas

Following a meeting of the Full Council on 16 October 2013, the Council is resolved to adopt a planning policy relating to the protection of public houses in the borough and other facilities which make life local and a planning policy relating to use and its contribution to the character of a conservation area.

In accordance with the relevant regulations the following documents are available for inspection:

Frequently Asked Questions on Planning Policy


The consultation webpage contains up to date information on the current consultations, consultation events and recently closed consultations. The Consultation portal contains responses to previous iterations of the Core Strategy and other LDF documents as well as providing an easy way to respond to current consultations.

The Council is currently consulting on issues and options for the future of Notting Hill Gate. The Notting Hill Gate web page contains more information about how you can give your views.

The Council consulted recently on four separate parts of the Core Strategy; the policies relating to basements, housing, conservation and design and what the Council calls "miscellaneous matters'" or those topics which do not neatly fit into one of the other categories.

Examination by the Planning Inspectorate of a public house policy

Public examination of the draft policy for the protection of public houses and other uses which provide a wider social role, and a policy regarding character and use was held on the 1 and 2 May in the Town Hall.

We have received the Inspector's report which confirms that the two planning policies put forward by the Council have been found sound subject to some amendments suggested by the Council. These are for the protection of public houses and other uses which make life local, and for the use of a property to be assessed as to whether it contributes to the character of a conservation area. The Inspector's covering letter and report are below:


As a result of the policies being found sound, the Council will give substantial weight to the policy changes show in this document [PDF] (file size 413Kb).  These will be adopted at full Council in October 2013.

Thames Tunnel

You can see our resposes to the Thames Tunnel on our dedicated Thames Tunnel webpage.

Adoption of the Core Strategy

The Core Strategy was adopted the Full Council meeting on 8 December 2010. The Core Strategy sets out the vision, objectives and detailed spatial strategy for future development in the Royal Borough up to 2028 along with specific strategic policies and targets, development management policies and site allocations.

Please visit the Core Strategy page for more information. There are a number of reviews of the Core Strategy taking place at present. For more information on this please visit our consultation webpage.

Information on how to comply with policy CE1: Climate change (Code for Sustainable Homes / BREEAM) has been developed to answer your questions.

This document, published in December each year, sets out our progress against the deadlines and targets that have been agreed between us and the government for the production of the new Local Development Framework.

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) is a three year project plan and timetable for preparing new planning policy documents. Despite it being for a three year period it is kept under constant review and significant departures will be updated and advertised as necessary. The most recent LDS was adopted in November 2012 and supersedes the document published in March 2010.

Once finalised and adopted, the LDF will set out all the Council’s planning policies for the next decade and it will replace the Unitary Development Plan.

The UDP was the previous document in force before the Core Strategy was adopted. It set out all the policies against which planning applications are determined and development in the Royal Borough is controlled.

Flood Risk Management: our new duties

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and Flood Risk Regulations 2009 designated the Unitary and County Councils as Lead Local Flood Authorities. As such, the Royal Borough, has now taken over this role. The Flood Risk Webpage explains what our new duties are, and gives information on related flood risk documents and projects to reduce the risk of flooding.

Statement of Community Involvement

The Council’s Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) was adopted on 5 December 2007. The SCI sets out how the many different individuals and groups within the Royal Borough will be given the opportunity to influence the future shape of the Royal Borough.

It explains clearly who will be consulted and how and when consultation will take place, both when new planning policy is decided and when individual planning applications are considered.

As the Council’s first SCI, it will change over time and in response to comments and legislation and will be regularly reviewed.

Copies are available on request or may be viewed at the Planning Information Office at the Town Hall between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, or at any of the Royal Borough’s libraries. This is only a snapshot of the new system proposed by the Government. Full details can be found on the Department of Communities and Local Government website.

If you have any questions or queries about the SCI, please contact the Policy Team at

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