Holland Park peacocks check out the neighbourhood

16 June 2011

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea's Parks Police are urging residents and motorists to be on the lookout for exotic intruders. The Holland Park peacocks will once more be on the move as the mood of love takes them beyond their normal confines.

Peacocks have been part of the park's charm for many years now and successful breeding has seen their numbers increasing annually. In the mating season they wander outside their normal territory in search of mates.

Wandering peacocks have been discovered up to a mile away from the park in gardens and on roads. If you do spot a peacock, remember these are wild animals and if cornered they can become aggressive. They are also not keen observers of the Green Cross Code, so if you're behind the wheel do be careful.

Councillor Nick Paget-Brown, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: "We all love to see the peacocks when visiting Holland Park, but finding one in your garden would be something of a shock. Although not renowned for being aggressive, I would exercise the same caution as with any wild animal of such a size. Hopefully, you'll find that they make their way back to Holland Park before outstaying their welcome.

"Please call our Parks Police if you wish to have them removed safely and speedily."

If you do find your garden party has an unexpected feathered guest don't worry, but it would be best not to try and feed them as you could well be inviting them on a more permanent basis.

If a peacock is taking up residence in your garden or creating a traffic hazard then contact the Royal Borough's Parks Police on 07973 124066.