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Campden Councillors have just been elected and are getting started with City Living, Local Life.

Previously in Campden ward, Councillors have prioritised addressing loneliness and isolation amongst older residents. Open Age and Kensington & Chelsea Forum for Older Residents received approval for their proposal to offer weekly social activity at St George’s Church and develop a group of volunteers. Volunteers act as ambassadors by also doing outreach to identify isolated older people. Open Age was funded £9,631 and The Forum was funded £6,698 in January.

Overall in 2013, Councillors allocated £17,493.36

Ward Survey

Campden ward conducted a survey at the end of last year focusing on the needs of older people living in the ward.  The aim of the survey was to generate ideas about activities or projects that can support those that may be isolated and would like to participate in community activities in the ward.  You can read more about two projects that are currently funded by City Living, Local Life below.

Click here to view a summary of the report

Click here to view the full report

Projects for Isolated Older People

Isolation is one of the biggest problems facing many people today, particularly for people aged 65 and over.  While the Council and many local voluntary organisations are always working hard to prevent isolation amongst older people, in Campden ward Councillors saw a gap where a City Living, Local Life community project could make a real difference.

An organisation called Open Age has been funded to deliver a project through City Living, Local Life to deliver long term results.

Helen Leech, Director of Open Age said, "Thanks to City Living, Local Life funding, Open Age are delighted to be delivering a new project to support older people in Campden ward to access local opportunities.  As part of this project a new part-time worker will start in January to support older people set up a new weekly group in the ward and to visit older people on a one to one basis, with the aim to try to break down barriers causing isolation and to link them into the variety of activities available."

Councillor Freeman added, "Loneliness not only affects the quality of older peoples' lives but impacts on their mental and physical health.  The Campden ward Councillors are delighted to have piloted this project to improve the lives of the lonely older people in our ward".

If you would like to participate, help in any way or know people who would benefit please contact Sheb at Open Age on 0208 964 1900 or email

Another organisation that will also be working with older people living in the Campden ward is the Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older Residents.  It has set up The Campden Ward Society to support residents come together and to generate ideas and to share issues and solutions that affect their local area.  They meet on a regular basis at the Dryland Business Members' Club on Kensington High Street and also invite speakers to meet with residents and discuss a range of topics, such as information on council services, health, social care, arts and culture.  To find out more please contact Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older Residents on 020 7352 1336 or email

Both organisations are keen to offer volunteering opportunities to older people to either support the projects mentioned or other volunteering opportunities that may be available in the borough.

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