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In 2013, Colville ward councillors continued their engagement with the Colville Forum and its members to identify local issues and inform ward projects. Funding was awarded towards a short film titled “Once upon a time at All Saints Road” by the London Film Foundation as well as to Portobello Dance School to help local children take up dance. Councillors are actively seeking out projects and ideas through direct contact with residents and allocated £19,965.00 in 2013.

Get involved in the Colville Community Forum

Colville Get involved
One of the main ways local people can get involved in Colville is through the 'Colville Community Forum'. The forum is a fully constituted community organisation, with each of the three ward councillors as trustees and Forum members representatives from local people and organisations. Residents are invited along to the public meetings of the Forum to suggest activities which may be of benefit to local people, so that feedback can be given by neighbours and help inform councillor decisions on the budget spend. Visit the Colville Community Forum to find out more.

Help us promote City Living, Local Life

We’re keen to spread the word about City Living, Local Life in Colville and encourage more people to become involved. Please download this poster [PDF] (file size 329Kb) and display it in any community facility, local shop or venue used by local people. 

Useful Colville community websites:

Local news and community notices

Colville Community Forum

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 Westway Development Trust

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  • Next Colville Forum Meeting on Monday 3 March

    The next Colville Forum meeting will take place next Monday (3 March) from 6.30pm–8.30pm at the London Lighthouse, 111-117 Lancaster Road, Ladbroke Grove. Light refreshments will be served from 6pm. The agenda includes: Results of recent consultations on Busking and Thursday trading at Portobello Market, and recommendations from Public Realm Scrutiny Committee Markets Working Group An update on […]

  • Unfinished Crafts Club

    Come on, admit it. We’ve all got craft projects we started months, possibly years, ago that we’ve somehow never managed to complete. Some people have a box or drawer full of them… Well, a problem shared is a problem halved, so why not join the Goldfinger Factory for an evening of tea, craft and chat – if you […]

  • Open-Mic Nights in St Charles

    Sing, Play, Dance, Read or Rap, residents have an amazing opportunity to share their gift in the North of the Borough.  Brought to you by The Dalgarno Trust and St Francis Church, at the end of each month, don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy an evening of local talent. Open Mic Nights take […]