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Through City Living, Local Life, the Earls Court Councillors have focused recently upon activities for young ward residents by supporting the Earls Court Drama Workshop and Earls Court Community Trust.

As part of one of the funded projects, Year 5’s at St. Cuthbert with St Matthias Primary School were treated to a workshop based on the Opera Holland Park production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. With enormous enthusiasm and minimal props, the team from Opera Holland Park enchanted children from Mr Abrahams’ class; by a third of the way through the workshop the children had learned a song, with associated movements, and were singing in 4-part harmony.


This workshop encouraged the children to work as a team, experiment, move, sing and act—I hope that we can have more…the children loved it!

The Earls Court Councillors also teamed up with Redcliffe ward Councillors to joint-fund “Childhood Memories from War / Childhood Revisited”. This new production, staged at St. Cuthbert with St Matthias Primary School and Finborough Theatre, will incorporate the memories and stories of resident who experienced the period first-hand.

Results from a recent ward survey of over 700 residents have highlighted the local priorities for residents as environmental improvements, reducing reducing isolation among older people and events for families. The detailed results of this survey can be found here.

If you live in Earl’s Court and have a great idea or project which can improve where you live, tell us about it! Funding applications can also be accessed on our website.

Community Noticeboard

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