The Albert Memorial

Special Traffic Management Update:

Night Time Resurfacing Works Planned for South Kensington

1 October 2009

Following correspondence sent out to all residents of South Kensington earlier this week, The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Council would like to remind residents that from Monday 5th October, Balfour Beatty will be carrying out night time resurfacing work for a period of three weeks. The work forms part of the wider Exhibition Road scheme to improve the traffic management and quality of streets in the area.

To minimise disruption to residents, and to complete the improvements as swiftly as possible, the work is planned to take place in the following stages, with work outside any individual property limited to one or two nights in total:

Thurloe Place (between Thurloe Place Mews and Harrington Road, including Cromwell Place southern end)

  • Cromwell Place (Between Harrington Road and Old Brompton Road)
  • Harrington Road (between Glendower Place and Cromwell Place)
  • Old Brompton Road (between Pelham Street and Glendower Place)
  • A4 Cromwell Gardens junction with Thurloe Place
  • A4 Cromwell Gardens junction with Brompton Road

In the interest of public safety, and to avoid further traffic congestion around South Kensington, this work will be carried out overnight between the hours of 8.00pm and 4.00am. While some disruption is inevitable, the Balfour Beatty team will make every effort to complete the work each night as early as possible and to finish each section of works as quickly as possible.

In the long term, this work will significantly improve the quality of roads around South Kensington and will ensure there is no need for major road works in the area for many years.